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What is Sub Ohm Vaping? All the Answers You Need

By Cybercig on 05/05/2015

What is Sub Ohm Vaping? All the Answers You Need

Sub Ohm is a continuation of the term Modified Products or Mods. The word Mod was first applied to standard battery products that had been modified in various ways to produce an advanced product with better performance.

Sub Ohm is used to describe a whole new range of modified E-Liquid tanks.

The resistance of a standard E-Liquid tank atomizer coil is 1.5 to 3.0ohm. Sub Ohm tanks have been modified to decrease the resistance of the atomizer coil to below 1.0ohm to as low as 0.2ohm.


By lowering the resistance of the atomizer coil heating or vaporization of the E-Liquid is very efficient. This improved efficiency increases the amount of vapour produced and intensifies the flavour of the E-Liquid.

What is a Sub Ohm Coil?

A Sub Ohm coil is a device that is normally pre built by the supplier. This device fits in the base of the E-Liquid tank and is responsible for heating and vapourising the E-Liquid.

How does a coil work?

The E Cigarette battery provides power to the coil, when the coil is electrified by pressing the button on your battery it heats up the coil almost like a kettle heats up water. ThE-Liquid heated by the coil is vaporised and is then inhaled. This vaporisation takes place instantly as the coil works at very high temperatures.

What is an Atomizer?

An atomizer is an alternative name for the Sub Ohm Coil. Sometimes the coil is named atomizer coil or Just coil or just atomizer but they all describe the same thing.

What is a Sub Ohm Coil made from?

The 2 main parts of the Sub Ohm coil are made from a small wire or heating element in various resistances and a wick generally made from high quality cotton.

What does the wick do?

The cotton wick soaks up the E-Liquid and delivers a continuous feed of E-Liquid to the heating element or wire.

What is a rebuildable?

A rebuildable or RBA for short refers to the type of Sub Ohm tank that can be rebuilt by the user.

Basically the user can select from various size heating elements or wires which are available in different resistances or Ohms and tailor the coil to suit their own personal preferences.

How is this performed?

By using basic tools such as pliers and a screw driver, a new coil wire is cut to length and inserted in to the base of the coil by attaching each end of the wire to the terminal posts and then tightening the location screws. Then the coil is packed with a wadding material made from Organic cotton to form the wick.

What is OCC?

OCC is the abbreviated word for Organic Cotton. Organic Cotton is used to form the wick in the base of the coil.

Will all Batteries operate a Sub Ohm tank?

No, standard batteries will not operate Sub Ohm tanks; we stock various options to cover most requirements.

Do all Sub Ohm tanks work in the same way?

The basic operation of all Sub Ohm tanks either factory built or self-built is the same. Some of the latest Sub Ohm tanks have added features such as air admittance Venturi, cooling fins and large bore drip tips.

What is air admittance Venturi?

An air admittance Venturi is a device that allows more or less air in to the tank.

When the Venturi is closed: the airflow within the tank is restricted; by restricting the amount of air within the tank the vapour is intensified.

By opening the Venturi; this allows more air in to the tank and the vapour is less intensive as it is mixed with more air.

What are large bore drip tips?

Drip tip is just another name for the mouth piece that sits on top of the tank. The diameter or the bore on some models has been increased to aid the flow of large volumes of vapour from the tank.

What are cooling fins?

Cooling fins have been added to some tanks to cool down the tank during operation these are required as the atomization process within the tank produces a lot of heat.

Are all Sub Ohm tanks the same?

The basic operation of Sub Ohm tanks is the same in all tanks, but the quality of the tanks can vary a great deal form very bad to excellent. Like most products you get what you pay for. Our advice is stick to well-known brands as safety and quality is guaranteed. All the brand products displayed in the Cybercig Sub Ohm Factory are from well know high quality manufacturers at a reasonable price.

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