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Top 3 Resources For Vaping And Modding

By Jason Dexter on 26/02/2014

Top 3 Resources For Vaping And Modding

Here at Cybercig, not only do we love providing some of the very best e liquids, refillable electronic cigarettes and vape mods, we're also very keen to help more experienced modders to tap into the vast community that is available online. A quick search for vaping communities brings up a vast wilderness of well structured websites, hobbiests, affiliates and every in between. We've composed a list of websites that we feel will not only benefit you as a regular vaper, but help you in narrowing down your search for the best online community.

We've compiled our 3 favourite websites that provide a friendly and happy environment as well as the latest news with regards to regulations and laws. In no particular order, they are:

A great website spilling over with information, users, resources and a multitude of facets that hit the mark with anything you need to expand on your vaping experience. Although here at Cybercig, we offer the very best in electronic cigarettes, websites such as POTV offer you more advice and insight into what can be achieved.

Not as vast and multi-facetted as POTV, this is a great forum for like minded users looking to chew the crud about vaping, liquids, mixing and general online socialising. A great bunch of people lounge with, we've even picked up some great ideas for future products and insights into what the community need from an E Cig company such as ours. Certainly worth the time to sign up and delve into the world of vaping here!

More structured than the above, this is a great website that offers a huge variety of information that has been structured and well presented. Everything from meet ups, lounging around, festivals, modifications, regulations, technical issues and just about everything needed to get into modding. As with above, add this to your arsenal and you'll be well equipped to enter the exciting and amazing world of vaping and modifications.

There are thousands of forums, websites and names in the modding and vaping world, so please don't use the above as the be-all and end-all in your venture but we feel that this is certainly going to give you the best start.

If you want to take the next step and really step up your vaping experience, then why not try our huge range of vape mods and vaping kits?

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