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Three e-cigarette myths... debunked!

By on 05/08/2015

Three e-cigarette myths... debunked!

E-cigarettes are a fairly new product - the patent for the design was only filed in 2003, with the first e-cigarette appearing on the market in China later that year. In addition, it is only over the past few years that they have become popular in the United Kingdom. As a result, there are many rumours and myths circulating online about e-cigarettes, covering everything from how similar they are to traditional cigarettes, to what impact they could have on your health. At CyberCig, we want our customers to be in the know when it comes to e-cigarettes, and so with that in mind, we've debunked three of the most common e-cigarette myths out there right now, to help you vape with peace of mind.

Myth 1: E-cigarettes won't help you quit smoking

Many people use e-cigarettes to help them quit smoking, so the idea that they won't help you is just a myth. While they may be more effective for some people than others, there is no reason to state that they can't help you quit, especially when used as part of a plan along with other quitting mechanisms, like patches and liquids.

Myth 2: E-cigarettes contain antifreeze

This myth gets repeated a lot online, but it simply isn't true. The confusion comes from the fact that e-liquids contain an ingredient that is also found in antifreeze, propylene glycol. However, propylene glycol is used to make antifreeze safe, and to reduce the possibility of it causing lasting harm should it consumed by humans. So really, although they share a common ingredient, there is no factual basis on which you can suggest that e-cigarettes contain antifreeze - it just isn't true.

Myth 3: E-cigarettes give off toxic second hand smoke

Vaping is so called because the leftover gas vaporises when it is released in the air, and this means that e-cigarettes don't give off any so-called 'second hand smoke'; the vapour disappears almost immediately, causing no harm to anyone around you. Therefore there is no truth in the statement that e-cigarettes give off toxic second hand smoke - it is just a myth.

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