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The Life Of A Vaper Episode 2

By Ally Winning on 31/07/2014

The Life Of A Vaper Episode 2

This is a follow on from the first in the series, written by Ally Winning

Up until the start of this year I was quite a heavy smoker. I had managed to cut down from..a lot, cough 60 a day.. to about 25 a day. My cigarette of choice was Rothmans Royals. For anyone unfamiliar they were one of the strongest, with a very high tar level. Stopping was never going to be easy.

I think like most people I wanted to stop, but after this packet, next weeked when I've nothing on, when I can afford hypnosis. Funnily the time never seemed to come. I expect most people reading this can identify quite easily with that. I tried patches and gum, I tried cold turkey, I tried cutting right down, I bought books, I listened to audio, I tried most things, and I was still smoking heavily.

Then at the start of this year two things happened. The first was when I was going to a scooter weekend in Germany. We decided to go in a mate's van. I knew it was going to be tough. Dave didn't smoke, didn't like smoking, and worst of all was in quite a hurry to get there. At a best guess the journey would be 6 hours from Calais. 6 hours with at most one cigarette break. Even though I was looking forward to the weekend, I wasn't looking forward to the drive there.

It ended up there was four of us travelling. Dave had invited a couple he knew. The three of us smokers stoked up on nicotene all the way over the Channel as we knew what was coming. When we were travelling through Belgium the bloke, Phil, pulled out an e-cig and took a puff. I was quite interested in the little metal and plastic vape pen, especially if it could cure my cravings. I asked Phil for a try. To my surprise it took the edge of the craving, and by the time we arrived in Germany I was quite taken with the contraption and its cherry goodness. I actually looked forward to the trip home to try it again.

The after we were back, the idea got put on the sidelines. It was another brilliant idea shelved with the hypnosis and champix till I got the time, money or motivation..maybe it needed all three at the same time. Later that week, my second revelation happened. My daughter gave birth to a baby girl. I hit Gatwick as soon as I could, to fly to Glasgow and see both my little angels. From the second I laid eyes on wee Juliette I knew I wanted to be around when she grew up. Up till then, as a smoker, I hadn't given much thought to the future. I had drifted through life without a focus, but in one second that all changed. I knew that the cigs had to go. As soon as I got back to Kent I went to the local vape store and bought my own starter kit.


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