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Vaporesso Target TankVaporesso Target Tank

VAPORESSO TARGET TANK The Vaporesso Target Tank complete with Gold Plated cCell coil is a new concept in Vaping. The cCell coil is unlike any other coil in that; no Cotton wick is used in the construction of the coil. The cCell coil heats th..

Ex Tax: £21.95 £21.95
Aspire Atlantis V2.0 Aspire Atlantis V2.0

The Aspire Atlantis tank Version 2 – V2 NOW OUT OF STOCK PLEASE SEE ATLANTIS TANK OR TRITON TANK Aspires Atlantis 2 is the new, upgraded Atlantis tank. This innovative tank system brings improved adjustable airflow, 3ml capacity, an optimal coo..

Ex Tax: £25.95 £25.95
Aspire Nautilus Mini Clearomizer  TankAspire Nautilus Mini Clearomizer  Tank

This tank from Aspire is a real gem, the bottom Vertical Coil (BVC) works a treat and produces a vape that is second to none. The patented design, advanced manufacturing processes and first class engineering go to make a tank that is definite..

Ex Tax: £12.95 £12.95
Innokin iClear 16D Clearomizer Tank Innokin iClear 16D Clearomizer Tank

The Innokin iClear 16D Dual Coil Clearomizer Tank features dual coils, an upgraded replaceable atomizer head and has a 2ML capacity. Made from high grade plastic the tank will not split or leak and is compatible with all cybercig, Innokin batteries (..

Ex Tax: £4.95 £4.95
Innokin iClear XL Pyrex Rotator TankInnokin iClear XL Pyrex Rotator Tank

As expected from this high quality manufacturer the iClear tank is constructed to a very high standard. At 3.0 ML capacity this tank will suit all mod Batteries with standard 510 Connection the tank bowl is fabricated from high quality Pyrex Gla..

Ex Tax: £9.95 £9.95
Kalista 1 Spare TankKalista 1 Spare Tank

A spare tank for our Kalista 1 model. With Pyrex Glass Body, 2.2ohm Coil and sprung loaded 510 Connection Capacity: 1.5ml ..

Ex Tax: £4.95 £4.95
Kanger Sub Tank MiniKanger Sub Tank Mini

This totally unique product from Kanger raises the bar to new heights in quality and innovation. The Kanger sub tank is definitely top of the Sub Ohm premier league at the moment. This latest generation of what are commonly referred to as sub ohm tan..

Ex Tax: £10.95 £10.95
VPark Max Tank MiniVPark Max Tank Mini

VPark Max tank Mini This is a great Tank  built to a very high quality in a very convenient size, will not leak and provides a very good vape Tank Features: Top filling Materials: 303 stainless steel, food grade ceramic paint and P..

Ex Tax: £19.95 £19.95
Faatank 2 Venturi MOD TankFaatank 2 Venturi MOD Tank

Why choose Air flow technology? The Cybercig Faatank Venturi allows the air flow within the tank to be controlled and adjusted to a fine degree. E-Liquid can taste totally different when more or less airflow is introduced. This adjustment allows y..

Ex Tax: £7.95 £7.95
CE7 Refillable E-Cig TankCE7 Refillable E-Cig Tank

In conjunction with our partners we have worked to produce a large capacity tank that produces a quality vaping experience but allows the tank user more time between fill ups. In the past you may have noticed some of these extra-large devices that qu..

Ex Tax: £5.95 £5.95
CE8 Maximus E-Cig TankCE8 Maximus E-Cig Tank

CE8 Maximus Almost double the capacity of the CE4,the CE8 Maximus represents great value with style The CE8 Maximus tank holds an impressive 2.8ml of E Liquid. The tanks are provided with an easy fill needle bottle included in the price. ..

Ex Tax: £4.95 £4.95
C1 Mini Atom U-Fill E-Cig TankC1 Mini Atom U-Fill E-Cig Tank

In our opinion it is always wise to have a spare tank at your disposal just in case you have problems with the one you are using, or it wears out unexpectedly, or you may just fancy a change of tank colour. Whatever the reason we offer a range of spa..

Ex Tax: £3.95 £3.95
CE3BC Kraken Refillable E-Cig TankCE3BC Kraken Refillable E-Cig Tank

We are pleased to offer our customers the latest generation of wickless Ufill E Cigarette tank. The CE3BC Kraken is totally new and totally different to the standard CE4 and CE5 Wick Tanks. This smart compact tank is an ideal partner for all Cy..

Ex Tax: £4.95 £4.95
CE4 Refillable E-Cig TankCE4 Refillable E-Cig Tank

The CE4 Tank has been around for quite some time and is still probably the best selling Clearomizer Tank in the UK. The reasons for this are: Easy to use Relatively inexpensive to purchase Disposable Very reliable Available in many d..

Ex Tax: £3.95 £3.95
CE5BC Genesis E-Cig TankCE5BC Genesis E-Cig Tank

We are pleased to offer our customers the latest generation of wickless Ufill E Cigarette tank. The CE5BC Genesis is totally new and totally different to the standard CE4 Tank. The internal wick and atomizer core of the CE4 have been replaced b..

Ex Tax: £4.95 £4.95
Cloutank C1 Top coil MOD TANKCloutank C1 Top coil MOD TANK

This High Quality tank is expertly made from top Grade materials. During the manufacturing process the tank is fabricated to a tight tolerance with an engineered fit to all components. No glue or adhesive is used during construction. The engineered f..

Ex Tax: £7.50 £7.50
DCR 3 MOD TankDCR 3 MOD Tank

The DCR 3 Rotating head tank is equipped with Dual coils that deliver a smooth yet powerful Vape. The top of the tank commonly known as the drip tip or mouth piece is mounted on an ingenious swivel head device that allows you to adjust the angle o..

Ex Tax: £4.95 £4.95

Our E Cig tanks come in a huge range of colours, sizes and designs. Whether you're looking for an affordable but colourful E Cig tank or maybe you're looking for something a little different, we have the products for you.

E Cig tanks are the vessels attached to electronic cigarettes that hold E Liquids. E Cig tanks can vary in size and colour, giving huge diversity and customisation.

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