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Sub-Ohm E-Liquid: Introducing Cybercig Ultra Cloud

By on 04/04/2016

Sub-Ohm E-Liquid: Introducing Cybercig Ultra Cloud

A Sub-Ohm E-Liquid

Introducing... A new sub-ohm e-liquid made with pro vapers in mind. Create clouds that will turn heads using our Ultra Cloud E-Liquid, made using the perfect PG / VG ratio for maximum flavour and big hits.

Previously, if you wanted to engage in Sub Ohm, it would first mean buying or acquiring a Box Mod or Mechanical Kit that utilises rechargeable batteries and some wiring. It was vital that you have some basic understanding of coil building and the Ohm’s Law. Fortunately, today all it will take you to begin blowing out huge clouds is simply to buy a Sub Ohm Tank plus any of the readily available Mod in the market.

The “Sub” simply means below, as sub-ohming employs more heat that is spread over a larger area causing more e-juice to get vaporised in a single moment. This leads to more vapour production, meaning the user will be blowing a bigger cloud. Sub-ohm vaping causes the vapour to become more flavourful as a result of the denser vapour due to the coils size. With each puff, you draw in denser vapour and hence more flavour. Vaping actually began as a method of quitting cigarettes, although it has now quickly evolved into a very popular hobby.

Cybercig Range of Products

Cybercig is your first choice when it comes to electronic cigarettes, Tanks, Batteries, E Liquids and Pro Vaping Mods. Whether you want to upgrade to one of our Pro MOD products or are simply looking for an intense E Liquid flavour, we always make sure that whatever is put on our Website is actually available and is of the highest possible quality.

Every product from Cybercig goes through multiple testing internally and is then sent out to an external team of reviewers that has been handpicked. If any doubts arise about any product, it’s simply not put on the market because Cybercig want to only supply you what is best. On average, for each product currently available on the website, 3 others were rejected.

The Cybercig Mods and Kit

Cybercig brings to the market a very broad range of tanks, mods and accessories. Some of the market’s best cloud chasing equipment is to be found here, and are always in stock. Currently, for example, the popular Kanger Sub Tank is among the leading Sub Ohm tanks in our stock and it comes to you with two spare coils.

Every product has been comprehensively tested because we want you to only have the best. Before any product comes to you, it has been tested internally and by independent vape enthusiasts who give their unbiased opinions and suggestions on kits. It is only after that when Cybercig will decide to bring it to the market. Also available is a huge array of batteries to make the vape enthusiasts dream come true.

High Quality E-Liquid Ingredients from Cybercig

The E Cigarette liquid is typically a blend of some nicotine, vegetable glycerin, flavouring and propylene glycol. These are blended together to bring out amazing flavours, tastes, and an overall enthralling E liquid experience. The huge range of Cybercig E cigarette liquids have been tested and handpicked by a trusted range of customers to give unbiased and independent feedback about the liquids. Because of such feedback, it’s become possible to introduce a variety of nicotine strengths, hence giving the user a more broad choice of E Liquids.

At Cybercig we strive continually towards offering the best services in the entire E-Liquid industry and for the best customer satisfaction. Our entire E liquids range is manufactured using ingredients of the highest quality at a price point that will suit all types of budgets. So if you're in the market for cheap E liquids of the highest possible quality, try liquids from Cybercig. When browsing through our E Liquids range of electronic cigarettes or Refillable Ecigs, you can rest in the assurance that that you're getting only the best!

Our Processes of Making Premium E-Liquid

At Cybercig, a great deal of preparation and thought goes into all our processes. We must also point out that simply because our E-liquids are of fine quality and great good value, never for a moment assume that we use cheap ingredients. The truth is that all our E Liquids have been made using ingredients of the finest quality, blended to the highest standards of hygiene using surgical precision. Our E-liquids have undergone extensive tests for quality and safety.

At Cybercig, our customers only get offered the best.

The E-Liquid Flavours Range Include:
  • American Blueberry
  • Blended Tobacco
  • Cappuccino
  • Caramel Mocha
  • Cool
  • Double Menthol
  • Fruit Punch
  • Honeydew Melon
  • Italian Cherry
  • New Zealand Peach
  • Peppermint

Also to be available soon on our website is Cybercig Ultra Cloud Sub-Ohm E-Liquid whose Mix Ratio is 80% VG and 20% PG and the Nicotine content is 3mg. All the flavours are available in 30ml bottles.

The Pricing of E-Liquid

Due to our superior approach to continual and regular testing, our e-liquids are today some of the best among what is available in the market. Our products provide powerful tastes, flavours, incredible throat hits, and value for money. For example, our E Cig E liquid is among the most popular products, and this comes as no real surprise when it is available for only £4.99 per E cig liquid. How do we manage supplying e liquids at such an affordable price? Simple, we maintain an excellent relationship with our E liquid suppliers, making sure we obtain the best prices. The best part is that these savings then get passed onto the consumer.

Even our packaging has been designed with the goal of keeping the cost at the lowest possible range for our valued customers. This also includes our latest E liquid, the Cybercig Ultra Cloud whose ingredients have been blended expertly by our USA Mixmaster to a high quality E Liquid product that besides tasting good, also produces volumes of cloud vapour. This comes to you at an extremely affordable and great price of just £7.95 per 30 ml Bottle.

Sub-Ohm E-Liquid Conclusion

Cybercig ensures that everything sold remains of the highest possible quality, meaning that customers can stay assured that what they are paying for is suitable for the intended job. The Cybercig website is also extremely informative, giving the reader useful insight into the whole area of E-Cigarettes and answers the many questions that you could be having. The website is being developed further and is continually updated towards making sure you are kept fully updated with the latest information and about the latest products.

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