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Been a heavy smoker for 20 years . Not touched or needed a ciggerette for 6 days now . I would recommend these to anyone .

John evens

What a great product cybercig is the service is so fast and so helpfull. I have tried loads of other sites and non compear to cybercig. Iv smoked for 10 years I was give a cybercig business card and spoke to a man called joseph he was so helpfull and gave me great advice. I have now been off the cigs for 1 month And I can't thank cybercig and the team that work there enough. 10/10 guys


I absolutely love my E-cig U fill I've been using it for nearly a week now and I've cut down from about 20 roll ups a day to roughly 4 a day because I genuinely prefer the E-cig. The flavours taste so much more pleasant than real fags and I love trying different flavours. I would definitely recommend this product.


I have been using one for five days and have not had a normal cig I was smoking 35 aday

Dawn Cooper

I have tried numerous 'e cigs' to no avail, I have been smoking this now for over a week and it is no different in taste or habit to smoking normal cigarettes. I have smoked for over 35 years but finally have found a product that will DEFINATELY keep me off the cigs. Thank you Cybercig.

val morrison

If only every smoker converted to the Cyber Cig. I love mine and would never smoke normal cigs again.

Jaden Powel

This liquid is the best i have tried, the service was brill and the liquid is great the choice is amazing well worth a try at a very good price, Thanks Cybercig JP Stockton

Lisa Smith

I have be shopping around for a good priced you fill product and now I have to look no further. The Cybercig double kit is fantastic very well put together very well branded and fantastically priced. I have now had my kit 3 weeks and not touched a cigarette the liquids are the best I have tried and so fast to be delivered. Anyone who reads this review look no further this product will give you everything you need. Fantastic product fantastic brand.

Emma Davies

What a fantastic offer unbeatable and a fantastic product. I love my Cybercig and the massive choice of liquids. Great website and fantastic service.

Ben Carter

This is a great batterie gives off a very strong burn great choice of colours. Very easy to order and very fast delivery.

Emma Wright

No Need to look any further this is the best battery on the market I have a pink one and its never let me down yet. Fantastic website Fantastic Brand Fantastic delivery.

Thomas Gray

The list of liquid that Cybecig have on offer is one of the best i have found shopping on the net.Every liquid i have tried has been to highest standard and great tasting. The price is great two the service is second to none and very fast delivery. They even give you a free refiling bottle to make things easier for you nice Little touch.I would highly recommend Cybercig for anyone who is looking for a top products. 10/10

Dave Scargill

This is a first class product filled with quality goods every thing you need at a good price i have seen kits like these before for almost twice the price. If you are looking for a quality product at reasonable price look no further. Dave Scargill Exeter


I have this product in pink and black. They work great, need charging and filling about once a day but its very easy to do. I would totally recommend, especially the pink version of this its fab! The customer service at CyberCigs is also A Star. Fast postage and so much choice! I'm a regular customer and I would totally recommend CyberCigs :-)

Lisa smith

I have had my kit about 2 weeks now and wow what great value this. You get so much for your money I looked on loads of other websites and they just couldn't match this for value. You can even mix and match the battery colours and liquids you want. What a fantastic service I won't be wasting my time looking around again cybercig offers the best products a great website and speedy delivery for a fantastic price. What more can you ask for why waste your time looking anywhere Else. 10/10



Bev Parsons

This is a fantastic product! and delivery is 2nd to none!!

Louise Hughes

I have been smoking E cigarettes for months now and in that time i have never come across an e cig like this one before.It is so small and so compact but still smokes like the bigger ones.What a great product,t i love mine any body that reads this i urge you look no further then this product. 10/10 and the liquid is one of the best i have ever had such a good choice too.


I have smoked for over 40 years and finally found cybercig I have been off the cigs 8 weeks now and love my cybercig ufill and cant believe how quick the delivery is WELL DONE AND THANK YOU CYBERCIG


More than reasonable price, an impressive range of flavours and good to see nicotine-free e-liquid available; prompt processing of orders, good communication and reliable delivery.


the battery is awesome. i have one in silver looks slick. as always very happy with delivery and service

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