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Innokin iClear 30s Relacement Atomizer Coil [Pack of 5]

  • Brands Innokin
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Make your purchase even better value by adding a spare coil to your shopping cart.

The spare coil will extend the Protank 2 lifespan by up to 5 weeks. Simple to change just unscrew the old coil and replace with a new one.

Please wear appropriate protective gloves for this activity such as household rubber or surgical gloves.

  • Remove the tank bottom by turning it anti-clockwise
  • Drain all liquid from the tank; you can pour the excess liquid back in to your E-Liquid bottle
  • Connected to the tank bottom you will see a small metal spike and a white rubber seal ring
  • Grip the tank base and rotate the steel spike/rubber seal ring anti-clockwise to remove the old coil
  • Replace the old coil with the new coil by screwing the new coil back in to the tank base by turning it clockwise. (Be careful not to cross thread the coil)
  • To prevent leakage please ensure that the coil is very tight in the tank base
  • Refill the tank with E-Liquid
  • Replace the tank bottom

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