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Innokin Cool Fire 1 Electronic MOD

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This compact MOD battery and Tank expertly made by INNOKIN is a welcome addition to the Cybercig MOD portfolio.

High quality is the hall mark of Innokin: the cool fire 1 is no exception to this.

Fabricated from first class quality materials the cool fire 1 is built to last. It is also a very cool product indeed.

Not too large and not too small it fits in the hand perfectly and delivers a quality vape each time.

The Cool Fire 1 battery case has been perfectly matched to one of Innokins bestselling mod tanks: The i-clear 2.0 ohm duel coil.

Cool Fire 1 is also a very safe product being equipped with: Reverse battery protection circuit, Built in 7 amp fuse, Short circuit protection, Battery safety protection vent and thermal cut out to prevent overheating of the battery and tank.

A great deal of technology is packed in to this ultra-cool MOD.

All cybercig tanks both male and female 510 fitting will fit to the Cool Fire 1(Will not fit to C1 Mini Atom Tank)

The battery top is detachable for ease of removing the smaller U Fill tanks. Leave the top in place for use with the larger MOD Tanks.

The battery tube is designed to fit 18350-900 mAh battery cell that is included in the price.

The Cool Fire 1 is also very simple to use:

Unscrew the bottom of the unit and insert the Battery Cell (Positive end first +)

When the battery is first inserted the LED Button will blink 3 times: Red then Yellow then Green.

The unit will then be in switched off mode.

To enable the battery (turn the battery on) click the LED button 3 times in rapid succession. The LED will blink from Red to Yellow and then Green. On the next click of the LED button the unit will operate.

To operate the unit fill the tank with liquid and leave to stand 1 hour prior to use, also at this stage fully re- charge the battery prior to use.

When the battery is fully charged and the tank is full of liquid, screw the tank to the top of the battery clockwise (but do not over tighten). Switch the battery on as described above, place the tank mouthpiece between your lips and at the same time press the LED button and inhale. The unit is equipped with a thermal cut out so that the tank and battery cannot overheat. The thermal cut out will operate if the LED button is pressed continuously for 10 seconds. The LED will blink 10 times and the unit will switch off. To re-start the unit follow the instructions noted above.

The LED button is equipped with different colours that indicate the battery charge condition.

• During normal use: when the LED Button is pressed and it glows Red this indicates the battery voltage is lower than 3.7 V (low charge) and the battery should be re-charged as soon as possible.
• When the LED Button is pressed and it glows Yellow this indicates the battery voltage is 3.75 V (Medium charge)
• When the LED Button is pressed and it glows Green the battery is fully charged.

If the button is pressed and the Red LED light is displayed continuously for 5 seconds a short circuit has been detected.

To turn the battery off: click the LED button 3 times in rapid succession.

The Cool Fire 1 kit includes the following items:

• Gift box
• 1 x Cool Fire battery tube
• 1 x i Clear duel coil Atomizer tank
• 1 x Brillipower high energy 18350-900 mAh Battery cell
• 1 x set of instructions

The Cool Fire 1 kit is available with: Trust Fire TR001 Battery charger as an optional extra, please see the pricing options for details.

• Battery cell: Brillipower 18350-900 mAh battery cell
• Tank: i Clear 2.0 ohm duel coil Atomizer
• Battery case length closed: 82mm
• Battery case diameter: 21mm
• Battery case materials: stainless steel colour
• Overall length with tank fitted: 150mm

Cool Fire 1 Ungrade Bundle

Why not upgrade to the cool fire 1 bundle which also includes:

Brillpower 18350-900mAh Back Up Battery

Trustfire TR100 Multi Charger

Pack of 5 Innokin Iclear 30s replacement Coils

Bundle Saving on the Reatil Cost £10.68p

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