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Premium e-liquid: what does it contain?

By on 03/11/2015

Premium e-liquid: what does it contain?

Although the general consensus is that e-cigarettes are much safer than their traditional counterparts, many people are surprised to learn how few ingredients premium e-liquids contain – as well as the fact that they’re all natural products!

What are the main ingredients?

There are just four components to a premium e-juice mixture: propene glycol, vegetable glycerine, flavourings and nicotine - if it's added (let’s not forget that many e-cigarette users vape as a means to gradually cut down on nicotine consumption, or even as a full substitute for smoking). It’s important to remember that flavourings can be totally natural, too.

Are there any health implications to consuming premium e-liquid?

Put simply, not particularly. Vegetable glycerine is a viscous liquid, often used in food manufacturing, which produces a vapour when heated. Many premium e-liquids forego propylene glycol for a full vegetable mixture, as there have been minor concerns about the consumption of PG, although this is perhaps because some have simply misunderstood the chemical.

As a matter of fact, propylene glycol is present in a wide number of medicinal products, including inhalers used in the treatment of asthma. Given the fact that it is a primary component of a medication used to combat breathlessness and lung problems typically associated with smoking, it’s difficult to comprehend where the worry about its presence in e-cigarettes has come from. Some might say a simple misunderstanding, whereas others may lay the blame at worried tobacco lobbyists. The only by-products created as a result of propylene glycol consumption already exist naturally within the human body.

Is nicotine harmful?

Perhaps the only ingredient in premium e-liquid that could be considered unhealthy is nicotine – the chemical that smokers crave. Despite the fact that nicotine is an addictive substance, there can be little or no denying that vaping is a safer, non-carcinogenic method of delivering nicotine to the body. It’s certainly the safest way to imbibe on the market at the moment.

Although cheaper e-liquids may use artificial flavourings, most premium products are manufactured using natural ingredients only, so be sure to use a quality supplier and check the ingredients on the label if you have any concerns.

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