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The Life Of A Vaper Series

By Ally Winning on 25/07/2014

The Life Of A Vaper Series

We welcome Ally to our blog, who is going to be writing a series about the life of a vaper. All opinions are those of the writer. We hope you enjoy!

I've been vaping most of this year and, for me, it has become more than a tool to give up smoking, it's become a hobby. It is a pastime where you never need to leave first base, or you can go very deeply into and spend hundreds of pounds. You can stick with your first starter kit, or you can end up, like me, with a cupboard full of mods, attys, batteries, wire and juice. Don't understand the terminology? That's no problem, and a subject I will try to cover soon. Don't worry it's not too complex, well up to a point most people never reach.

Vaping is a fascinating subject in itself, particularly at the moment. Tobacco companies are starting to lose money through people stopping smoking and starting vaping. They are both pushing for laws to treat vaping the same as ordinary cigarettes, and at the same time buying up companies that make e-cigarettes to get a piece of the action. In this confusion it seems they are trying to regulate the industry that they are trying to break into. It will hurt them as well..or will it?

Politicians don't know what to make of vaping either. They have tried to introduce laws, dropped them, tried to introduce some restrictions and dropped some, but not all of them. Vaping is a very grey area at the moment. Should vapers be sent outside to share the space with people with the habit that vapers are trying to drop? Or should vaping be allowed at our places of work? I can tell my own boss is asking himself that question every day as I chain vape at my desk!

Even doctors are in some disagreement. Is vaping safe? Most seem to think so, or at least think it is safer than smoking. Most studies, and almost all modern studies by scientists also agree vaping is safer than smoking. I hope to keep you up to date on those subjects too.

Anyway, the purpose of this first blog was to introduce myself to you. I'm Ally, a 47 year old Scot currently living in Kent. I write about electronics for a living, which will come in handy for some of the more technical vaping subjects that will be covered later. My family live back in Scotland, so I visit there as often as I can. My last job was in Leeds, so I often travel back that way as well to meet friends. Hopefully there's a beer waiting for me at Cybercig next time I am in Yorkshire! My other hobbies are watching sport and scooters. I'm hoping to finally pass my test this year and get something more exciting! I'll be keeping you up to date with that as well.

I hope to also hear from you. If there's anything you don't understand, or would like to know more about, please get in contact. There's nothing worse than writing without knowing you are hitting the sweet spot of your audience. Blogging should be an exchange of ideas and opinions, not just preaching to the crowd.

What would you like to hear about..or not hear about?

Do you think vapers should be treated like smokers?


Ally on 31/07/2014

Thanks Steven. I've just noticed it's been posted. Hopefully I've few nice ones coming up!

Steven on 25/07/2014

Great article, I picked it up through Reddit. Looking forward to this kicking into gear!

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