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Interview With Steve K of Steve K's Vaping World!

By Cybercig on 08/04/2014

Interview With Steve K of Steve K's Vaping World!

Over the last few weeks we've been talking to a large number of prominent vapers who are well respected and extremely active when it comes to testing, reviewing and providing knowledge into what makes a good bit of vaping kit!

The first in our installments of interviews takes us across the pond to America, we're we chew the fat with Steve K, the man behind Steve Ks Vaping World. Extremely friendly and knowledgable, Steve was more than happy to answer our questions and bring you greater knowledge from some of the worlds most esteemed!


Thanks for chatting with us, Steve. Can you give us a little introduction?

I'm Steve K. the guy behind Steve K's Vaping World, one of the oldest
continuously running e-cigarette websites dedicated to e-cigarette
news, informative articles on a variety of subjects of interest to
vapers and product reviews.  The site was founded in June, 2011
because I couldn't find many good resources on the web at the time
that were frequently updated with good information and more
importantly, unbiased.

So what got you into vaping?

I allegedly quit smoking, as far as my wife knew, but in fact, I
hadn't.  I kept smoking on the sly but realized it wasn't going to
work out in the long term.  So, a couple of co-workers had some basic
e-cigarette kits and I asked about them.  Ultimately I was given the
advice to buy an absolutely terrible setup, but after some research I
upgraded and never looked back.  e-Cigarettes combined two things I
loved a lot, shiny gadgets and nicotine.  The connection was just

Any tips for new vapers?

There's a lot of trial and error behind finding what you like.  Once
you do, don't feel like you have to run out and get the latest and
greatest (unless you want to.)  The best e-cigarette is the one that
keeps you from smoking.

Theres a lot of noise around the current EU laws, especially for Wales. Obviously, you're based over in America, but whats your views on the EU vaping laws?

My site has a fairly large readership based in the EU, particularly in
the UK.  As a result, I followed the TPD (Tabacco Product Directive) fairly closely.  It was kind
of shocking to see how the whole thing kept coming back to life
ultimately to be railroaded through.  I think in the long run it is
harmful to public health.  It will be interesting to see how things
play out among member countries and in courts across the EU.

Moving away from a potential political mine field, what's your favourite bit of kit?

I have an old Innokin MVP version 1 that I had a local vape shop
replace the factory internals with an Evolv DNA 20 board.
Unfortunately, the stock batteries couldn't handle that much power,
and it's back at the shop awaiting new batteries to come in.

And favourite juice?

I like a few different ones.  There's some local juice makers called
Tasty Troll that make some good stuff, I also have a Mountain Oak
Vapors shop where I live and they have a great line of juice.  I also
enjoy some stuff from Mt. Baker Vapor a great deal.

Favourite flavour?

Probably Ecto Cooler, which is like the HI-C citrus punch from the
bygone days of childhood.

Where do you see the vaping market heading in the next 12-24 months?

I've seen a lot of innovation and I continue to see that grow.  It was
also interesting to see vaping come full circle and mechanical mods
once again become popular as they were a couple years back.  From a
regulation standpoint, both the EU TPD and whatever the FDA (Food And Drugs Administration) comes up
with will probably take a year or two to come into existence.  That
means there will be more innovation, which if things go badly, will
suddenly cease.

Any final words for those reading this?

Even though things might be a little uncertain these days, don't give
up hope.  The key is to remain active, make your elected officials
understand you are watching them, convey your desires, and remind them
you are a voter and you are watching what they do.

Name your top 3 resources for vaping?



Thanks Steve! Some awesome advice, great insight and generally fun interview to do. Why not follow us on Twitter and Facebook where we'll be continually publishing our interviews!

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