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Interview With Gareth Witty / TheVapeDog1666

By on 28/07/2014

Interview With Gareth Witty / TheVapeDog1666

Our amazingly popular interview with Steve K has spurned us on to reaching out to a number of vaping enthusiasts, with our next interview being with Gareth Witty. Gareth has been a product tester of ours for a little while now, giving unbiased reviews of our products and liquids. Because of this no nonsense approach, he's earnt the respect of many vapers across the globe. We invited Gareth to be interviewed, allowing us to ask a few questions and give some more insight into vaping.


1. Welcome Gareth! Can you just let us know who you are!?
Thanks for having me! Well my real name is Gareth Witty but I am also known as VapeDog1666.

2. What got you into vaping?
Well it was my wife who spotted a free vaping kit and it all started from there. Tried a few different mainstream kits but then found JACVapour and got my first real vaping kit. This also lead me to doing reviews.

3. Any tips for new vapers?
Yep, don’t rush into vaping, take your time. You don’t need to buy everything but you may want to put some money into a PayPal account each month to have a vaping budget.

4. Common sense seems to be the general response! moving into something a little more dangerous, whats your views on all this EU vaping law noise?
Many, but I cant use swear words on this, but I think they under the thumb of mis-information from the Tabacco and Pharma industy. I agree that some rules need to be in place but nearly all vendors I know play by these rules.

5. Bouncing back to something more fun - Favourite bit of kit?
Have to say the epower, top notch device and with the Kraken its awesome.

6. Favourite juice?
Well its my own homebrew Menthol ;-)

7. Favourite flavour?
Menthol or fruit, if I vape one flavour too much I get vapour tongue. Its good to have a change once in a while.

8. Where do you see the vaping market heading in the next 12-24 months?
Even with the current EU problems, I think it will grow even more. In fact I think one way to beat the EU is to make vaping even bigger, that way they wont be able to ban vaping.

9. Any final words for those reading this?
Yep, support your vendor or even vendors, sign anything to do with the stupid EU laws, get anyone who smokes to start vaping.

10. Name your top 3 resources for vaping? (Yes one can be your website)
Well CyberCig.co.uk of course, Planet of the Vapes forum and JustVape247 for diy eliquid.

A man of many words, we want to say thanks to Gareth for his time and answering those questions! If you want to find out more from VapeDog then why not follow him on these:







Gareth Witty on 31/07/2014

Thanks for the review guys :-)

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