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We conduct interviews with some of the leading names in the vaping world, as well as giving our users a platform for their voice and opinions. Learn about how to turn vaping into an exciting hobby as well as some of the ways to improve your experience!

The Life Of A Vaper Episode 2
This is a follow on from the first in the series, written by Ally Winning Up until the start of this year I was quite a heavy smoker. I had managed to cut down from..a lot, cough 60 a day.. to about 25 a day. My cigarette of choice was Rothmans Royals. For anyone unfamiliar they were one of the strongest, with a very high tar level. Stopping was never going to be easy. I think like most people I wanted to stop, but after this packet, next weeked when I've nothing on, when I can afford hypn..
Interview With Gareth Witty / TheVapeDog1666
Our amazingly popular interview with Steve K has spurned us on to reaching out to a number of vaping enthusiasts, with our next interview being with Gareth Witty. Gareth has been a product tester of ours for a little while now, giving unbiased reviews of our products and liquids. Because of this no nonsense approach, he's earnt the respect of many vapers across the globe. We invited Gareth to be interviewed, allowing us to ask a few questions and give some more insight into vaping. Enjoy! ..
Interview With Steve K of Steve K's Vaping World!
Over the last few weeks we've been talking to a large number of prominent vapers who are well respected and extremely active when it comes to testing, reviewing and providing knowledge into what makes a good bit of vaping kit! The first in our installments of interviews takes us across the pond to America, we're we chew the fat with Steve K, the man behind Steve Ks Vaping World. Extremely friendly and knowledgable, Steve was more than happy to answer our questions and bring you greater knowle..

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