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The rise of gourmet vaping

By on 06/08/2015

The rise of gourmet vaping

E-cig batteries and tanks now come in such a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colours, that they are no longer simply functional - instead, they have become a statement of an individual's tastes and values. But as the old saying goes it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and nowhere is this truer in the e-cig world than the rise of the gourmet e-liquid. No longer content with the vague taste of fruit or menthol, e-liquid manufactures have had to adapt their wares to cater for increasingly discerning and complex demands. But what makes a liquid gourmet? Regular vapours will know that a liquid’s nicotine content does not affect price, so what factors separate a luxury liquid from a standard one? To help answer this question, here are four factors discerning vapers consider when choosing their smoke:

1. The rarity of the flavour

There are some people who only require a faint sensation of apple from their vape. Of course there’s nothing wrong with this, but those who desire something a little more rarefied will find a new breed of exclusive flavours. From Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee to Cherry Cigar Ultra, certain flavours are not available from a standard vendor, for which you will pay a premium.

2. Is it organic?

Although organic produce has long been a favourite of the well-heeled, it is a relatively new concept as far as e-cigs are concerned. Nevertheless, a new trend has emerged where discerning vapers are demanding natural flavourings, USP grade ingredients, and all with absolutely no diacetyl or even artificial colouring.

3. Intensity

Experienced vapers will all know that sinking feeling when you get a new flavour that fails to live up to what it says on the bottle. Although there are quite a few manufactures who make some very strong assertions about the taste of their vapour, only premium e-liquids can provide a flavour as bold as the label.

4. Is there a genuine culinary experience?

Real e-cig flavour artisans approach their product with an extraordinary level of detail. Less scientist, more Michelin starred chef, the top purveyors of gourmet liquids are starting to make multi-faceted flavours where the different elements blend together perfectly, just like a tasting menu.

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