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Four benefits of sub ohm vaping

By on 03/11/2015

Four benefits of sub ohm vaping

Sub ohm vaping means that your tank resistance rating is less than 1 ohm. If you’ve ever walked into a vape shop and everyone around you is blowing bigger clouds, chances are they’re using sub ohm vaping mods.

Sub ohm vaping is currently a very popular trend among vapers, but what difference does it make? What do you get from this kind of vaping? Read on for four of the benefits of sub ohm vaping:

1. Extreme flavour

Sub ohm vaping is truly a taste experience like no other. The low-resistance tank unlocks far more flavour than a high-resistance one and truly tantalises the senses. Many of your e-liquids will have an entirely new taste and you’ll notice the underlying tones and quality of your e-liquid like never before.

2. Lower nicotine consumption

The vaping mods used when sub ohm vaping change the type of hit you get. The tanks used run on a higher wattage, resulting in a much greater nicotine hit. Some users have been surprised at how powerful 18mg e-liquid feels when using a sub ohm tank. This will make dropping your nicotine levels much easier.

3. Enormous clouds

A bigger wick and coil means more power is being used to spread heat over a larger surface area, your e-liquid will vape properly and you won’t get a dry throat. This also means that every puff results in enormous clouds - if you want to blow the biggest clouds then there's no doubt that sub ohm vaping is for you.

4. Higher vapour temperature

More heat means warmer vapour. Even better than that, the vaping mods used mean that you won’t burn your lips. This is a great benefit of sub ohm vaping if you want an experience that is closer to smoking traditional cigarettes.

Sub ohm vaping is great if you’re looking for extreme flavour, an intense hit and the ability to produce bigger clouds. Whilst this is a great vaping experience, you should be aware that sub ohm vaping will drain your battery and e-liquid at a much faster rate than other forms of vaping.

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