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Electronic Cigarette Information

Useful information about Electronic Cigarettes

Things that you should know about electronic Cigarettes

Almost all E smoking devices work in a similar way, although they come in differing forms, colours, sizes and qualities. The operation method is the same. The new style E smoking device commonly known as Electronic Cigarette is made up of 2 basic parts - the battery and the cartomizer.

Picture of a typical Electronic Cigarette

Typical Electronic Cigarette

Electronic Cigarette Battery

The batteries are generally made from lithium iron; they come in 2 types, disposable and rechargeable. They also come in differing strengths or power. This power is measured in mah. The batteries for the smaller Electronic Cigarettes are between 100 and 280mah. The larger batteries for the larger E Cigars, E Pipes and some of the larger Electronic Cigarettes are between 280 and 900mah.


Cartomizers also referred to as refills, E tips or cartridges. These come in various shapes and sizes. The cartomizer on the new style E Smoking Cigarette is pre-filled at the factory with a liquid that is known as E Juice or E Fluid. The cartomizer is a self-contained sealed unit. It is fitted to the battery via a male/female screw type connection. When the cartomizer is empty it is disposed of and a new one is fitted to the battery.

The cartomizer contains an electronic heating element, E fluid (nicotine and water), microelectronic circuitry and an atomizer all in one neat container. When the cartomizer is screwed onto the battery a circuit is formed. On inhalation, or by pressing a button on the cartomizer, a measured amount of E fluid is vaporised. This vapour which contains the nicotine is then inhaled by the smoker.

E Juice or E Fluid

E Juice or E Fluid is the liquid that is inside the cartomizer. This liquid contains the nicotine, water and other harmless chemicals. When the liquid is heated by the heating element inside the cartomizer, a vapour is produced. This vapour is inhaled by the smoker and this vapour contains the nicotine.

E Juice is available in many different flavours and nicotine strengths.

Nicotine strengths range from zero nicotine up to 24mg which would be the equivalent of a strong cigarette.

The list of flavours is endless, e.g. menthol, strawberry, cherry, etc.

Old Style Electronic Cigarette

Old Electronic Cigarette

B is the battery, C is the Atomizer, D is the Tank Or Cartridge.

The old style Electronic Cigarette comes in 3 parts - a battery, a tank or cartridge and a separate atomizer. These products are still widely available.

The atomizer can be replaced when worn out and the cartridge or tank is filled by the smoker via a bottle that is filled with e juice or e liquid. The choice is vast.

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