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Electronic Cigarette Benefits

The Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

The benefits of using CyberCig E Smoking Products instead of conventional tobacco smoking products are many.

Everyone is aware how dangerous, costly and obnoxious smoking conventional tobacco products can be for you, your family, your home, your car, your colleagues and your pocket.

In almost every location in the UK conventional tobacco smoking is banned and the smoker is treated like an outcast.

Electronic Cigarette Benefits

CyberCig E Smoking Products are just the opposite

Here are some of the reasons why you should stop smoking conventional tobacco products and start enjoying the benefits of CyberCig.

  • You can smoke CyberCig almost anywhere you wish to.
  • CyberCig does not produce any smoke or harmful residues at all.
  • The smoke-like effect that is produced from CyberCig is actually vapour which looks very similar to smoke.
  • The vapour produced by CyberCig is harmless, almost odourless, none offensive and legal to smoke almost anywhere you would wish to smoke.
  • Conventional tobacco smoking is seriously bad for your health.
  • CyberCig does not contain any tar, carbon monoxide or any of the many potentially harmful chemicals that are associated with conventional tobacco products.
  • Your hair, clothes, breath, car and home will not smell of stale tobacco.
  • You will have much more energy as you will not be breathing in the carbon monoxide, tar and other potentially harmful chemicals that are associated with traditional tobacco products.
  • You may be able to enjoy more of the activities that may currently be off-limits to you, such as physical activities, long walks, playing golf or football, swimming or just larking around with the kids.
  • Financially - the cost of smoking traditional tobacco based products is very high.
  • Financially - the cost of smoking CyberCig is comparably lower - much lower.

The cost of traditional smoking products per annum based on a 20 per day cigarette smoker is:

  • Average cost of a 20 pack of cigarettes £7.60 x 365 days = £2774 per annum.
  • For a 30 per day smoker the average cost is £4161 per annum.
  • For a 40 per day smoker the average cost is well over £5500 per annum.

On the other hand the cost of CyberCig is lower - much lower.

The average cost of replacement full strength nicotine cartridges for the CyberCig Product is:

  • For the equivalent of a person smoking 20 cigarettes per day:
  • CyberCig would cost around £2.50 per day.
  • This equates to a potential saving of two thirds of the cost of smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Give CyberCig a try and judge the benefits for yourself!

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