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Guide to Vaping Mods UK

By on 08/03/2015

Guide to Vaping Mods UK

Are you new to e-cigs and have no idea what a 'mod' is? Have you been vaping a while and want something with a bit more to offer than your standard Ego/CE4? This is a quick brief guide designed by CyberCig to help you get into the Mod world, If you choose to do so.

If you are still new to vaping we don't recommend mechanical mods for your first device, they do not not have the simplicity or safety features of a standard vaping kit. Furthermore they require additional knowledge to utilize correctly and are also higher maintenance! Please see our refillable e cigarette section for something more suitable. That being said they are amazing for an experienced ecig smoker, and really give a new experience to vaping!

Some initial things to consider:


  • Mods – What are they?
  • Why 'up the game' and go for a Mod?
  • Are Mods safe?
  • What risks are associated with vaping mods?
  • What mods should I start with?


E Cig Mods – What are they?

E cig mods are generally a basic device which usually are an alloy or similar material casing which hold a rechargeable battery. It's a more complex version of a regular e cig with extra options; higher wattage, more vapour, you can even drip vapour directly onto a wick through a drip tip to vape it!

Example of a vaping mod

Mods come in all shapes and sizes, from wooden boxes, to drainpipe resembling monsters. Here I'd like to show you the Joytech Egrip 20vw - the perfect start to the mod world - it's a simple box shape, fair bit of power and it comes with a 2 x 1.5 ohm coils/heads. I am sure you have heard of “sub-ohm vaping” - we will cover this in our next tutorial - a rule of thumb is the lower ohm the more vapour, that being said 1.5ohm will produce massive vapour for you, it will be safe, and it will be an amazing start for you.

The E grip example mod is a really high quality piece of kit, which is built to last. I have had mine since it was released and have experienced no problems. It has a Pyrex E Liquid tank, which means you can have a compact Ecgrip, and vape at pretty much any wattage you want! The size of this mod is modest as well, so you can really use it as an everyday device and vape away as much as you like. The battery capacity is a true 1500mAh, giving it plenty of battery and performance.

Are there any risks?

With the kind of mods we offer not really, issues like short circuits can cause a battery to discharge and heat up, however this is extremely rare and only becomes an issue with extremely powerful mechanical mods. Things like the Joytech are some of the safest mods available. 

Final Thoughts

Don't be afraid to give mods a go because you really can take vaping to the next level. You can achieve both massive vapour and great flavour while only starting out with the basic box mods. To push yourself even further we would strongly suggest looking at the Aspire Atlantis tank., CyberCig being one of the only UK vendors to offer this kind of UK vaping mod. Only a handful of vendors are able to stock this product and with us it is available today! Take a look at it and consider if you want to use it with your box mod as it provides a 0.5 sub ohm vaping experience which will blow your mind.

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