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  • Caramel Mocha Ultra Cloud E-Liquid (30ml)

Caramel Mocha Ultra Cloud E-Liquid (30ml)

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Caramel Mocha Ultra Cloud Specification:

VG Content = 80%

PG Content = 20%

Nicotine Content = 3mg

Bottle size = 30mml

Creamy, sweet and rich: all the flavours of a speciality coffee concentrated in a superior vape experience. We use only the best flavour extraction processes when making our Ultra Cloud range of E-Liquids. The result is a mellow vape with none of the harshness you'd associate with cheaper E-Liquids that are made using inferior manufacturing processes.

The higher VG levels of our quality E-Liquids deliver a smooth, rounded taste with huge cloud production and all the richness of coffee. We've added some sweet and intense notes of caramel on top for that delicious sugary taste, and a touch of chocolate for added depth. The result is a scrumptious tasting E-Liquid that's well rounded and intense - it's definitely one to linger over. If you're a fan of chocolate, coffee and other smooth, rich tastes, try the best in the market: our caramel mocha is perfectly blended with high-quality flavour compounds to deliver the best taste sensation you can experience in E-Liquid form.

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