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  • Italian Cherry Ultra Cloud E-Liquid (30ml)

Italian Cherry Ultra Cloud E-Liquid (30ml)

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Italian Cherry Ultra Cloud Specification:

VG Content = 80%

PG Content = 20%

Nicotine Content = 3mg

Bottle size = 30ml

Make the most of your e-cigarette experience by enjoying Italian Cherry Ultra Cloud E-Liquid. This quality vape gives you the rich, fruity taste of real Italian cherries, combined with a pleasant, lasting aroma. Ultra Cloud E-Liquids have been created with your health and pleasure in mind and offer you rich natural flavours with none of the foul taste of cheaper brands.

By adding 80% VG into the mix for maximum cloud vapour production, you will find that Italian Cherry E-Liquid gives a smooth vape, with a rich, lasting flavour, extracted from real fruit and natural sources. You still get the real taste and sensation of Ripe Cherry but the nicotine level is made as low as possible. Ultra Cloud E-Liquid will give you an overall experience that is worth the extra pennies, so why not treat yourself and indulge in the pleasure of Italian Cherry?

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