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  • Cool Ultra Cloud E-Liquid (30ml)

Cool Ultra Cloud E-Liquid (30ml)

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Cool Ultra Cloud Specification:

VG Content = 80%

PG Content = 20%

Nicotine Content = 3mg

Bottle size = 30ml

If you like a palate-cleansing, refreshing vape with a hint of Tobacco then give this baby a whirl. Cool Ultra Cloud is the preferred E-Liquid of customers seeking a minty hit in their vape, and it's immensely popular as an after-dinner treat. The extraction techniques we use may be more costly, but that's because the flavours they retain are far superior to other manufacturing methods. Our range of Ultra Cloud E-Liquids deliver the most natural flavour ranges available in E-Liquid format. You'll be astonished by how realistic the taste is.

If it's an intense, smooth mouthfeel that you're after in a vape, with huge clouds of vapour choose this one; it's immensely refreshing and perfect for hot weather, or after spicy food. Unlike cheaper vaping liquids, which contain inferior ingredients the E-Liquids in this range deliver 80% VG, for a far superior smooth tasting experience. This product has already won over many customers and we're not seeing anyone go back to cheaper equivalents - so give it a try today!


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