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  • Blended Tobacco Ultra Premium E-Liquid (30ml)

Blended Tobacco Ultra Premium E-Liquid (30ml)

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This is the tastiest tobacco flavour you can buy in E-Liquid form! Don't make the mistake of buying a high VG (Vegetable Glycerol) content E-Liquid, just because it's cheap. This high Propylene Glycol content E-Liquid offers a far superior vaping experience, due to the flavour extraction methods used in the manufacturing process. This makes for a much better experience, taste and mouthfeel that is 100% based on quality. This Blended Tobacco E-Liquid offers a deliciously rich, smooth and intense tobacco taste that makes for a lasting and enjoyable vape.

You'll find the taste fairly mild, with a sweetish edge that isn't overpowering. Whilst these quality E-Liquids cost more than other versions on the market, they truly are worth every penny. You'll notice none of the harshness or artificial flavours offered by the more inferior E-Liquids out there; this is a rich mellow E-Liquid that you'll come back to time and time again.

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