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  • Peppermint Ultra Premium E-Liquid (30ml)

Peppermint Ultra Premium E-Liquid (30ml)

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Treat yourself to a superior vape and dive into the ice fresh hit of our premium Peppermint Ultra Premium E-Liquid. This premium E-Liquid uses superior ingredients to deliver a smoother vape while packing a fuller, rounder flavour. Experience an explosion of refreshing mint, with a lingering cooling tingle that stimulates your senses.

Our premium E-Liquids are manufactured using 75% prime propylene glycol. It's a more expensive ingredient, but our experts chose its higher quality over the more commonly used, but inferior, vegetable glycerol. Our products therefore cost a little bit more, but they're a whole lot more enjoyable.

The quality doesn't stop there. Cybercig’s specialist manufacturing process utilises supercritical fluid extraction equipment and advanced industry-leading processes to maximise flavour while keeping the tobacco and fruit extraction natural, healthy and mellow.

Our expert testing team - working with top-of-the-range equipment such as gas chromatography and GC-MS - work tirelessly to ensure precision engineering and rigorous quality testing of each and every batch.

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