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  • American Hazelnut Ultra Premium E-Liquid (30ml)

American Hazelnut Ultra Premium E-Liquid (30ml)

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A high quality, nut flavoured E-Liquid that is subtle and sweet. Nut may seem an unusual choice for an E-Liquid flavour, but this one is sure to charm. We use only the highest propylene glycol content in our E-Liquids, resulting in a far superior vaping experience when compared to cheaper versions in the market.

You'll be bowled over by the difference a high-PG content makes to your vaping experience. This hazelnut flavoured E-Liquid offers a smooth and mellow mouthfeel and flavour with the unmistakable taste of nuts. The extraction process used makes for a much more natural taste, with none of the harshness or chemical tastes you'll get with cheap nut E-Liquids that have a much lower PG (and higher vegetable glycerol) content. If you like a nut flavoured vape, try the best on the market.

It's a nice alternative to the fruity and sweet E-Liquids you can buy and offers a pleasant nutty mellowness that's sure to please.

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