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cCell Coil - Vaporesso Target 75VTC Kit

By on 07/12/2015

cCell Coil - Vaporesso Target 75VTC Kit

Cybercig is pleased to announce we are one of the first to offer the Vaporesso Target VTC 75W Kit complete with cCELL Coil!

A replacement coil may very well be considered the most important component of any electronic cigarette. While technology has come a long way in recent years, the truth of the matter is that designs are still plagued with problems. From uneven heating to an inconsistent flavour and troublesome cleaning, many smokers have been searching for a game-changing alternative. Thanks to the new design offered by Vaporesso, this dream is now a reality - introducting the Vaporesso Ceramic cCELL Coil. We are also pleased that we will be one of the first distributor in the country to offer this amazing product. To fully appreciate how this replacement cCELL Coil rises above the rest, let us take a look at a handful of its major advantages and why it works so well with the Vaporesso .

cCELL Ceramic Coil

cCELL Coil Heating Element

This first major difference to be noted is within the design of the heating element. Technicians were aware that a poor distribution of heat led to uneven hits and a rather "dry" taste. This goes against the very principles of the electronic cigarette. This ceramic replacement coil has taken technology to the next level thanks to a coil that is extremely porous and only 12 microns in thickness. The structure itself is also quite unique, as the coil has been sintered inside of its cylinder at a temperature of 1,200ºC. The result of such exacting precision is that even draws are now a reality and smokers can enjoy full-flavoured taste.

Internal Mechanics of the Ceramic cCELL Coil

There are two other mechanisms which should be mentioned here. The first involves the distribution of the e-liquid within the cCELL Coil. Another very common concern from smokers in the past was that the liquid was not evenly distributed throughout the unit. This would again result in those notoriously "dry" hits. The Vaporesso VTX 75W Mod Kit combined with the cCELL Coil solves thatr problem. In addition, damage to the device itself may occur. Secondly, the structure of this internal coil guarantees that the heat from the coil is evenly sent within the liquid. This enhances flavour while preventing the unit from overheating.

cCELL Coil Lifespan

Smokers will often be very frustrated in terms of the lifespan of their ceramic replacement coils. Not only can this cost a significant amount of money over time, but it is equally inconvenient to try and find a difficult make and model on short notice. Much of the degradation of the coil can result from an uneven distribution of heat (eventually causing the coil to break). As mentioned in the last paragraph, advanced technology and uniform heat distribution have all but eliminated this scenario. Not only is the Vaporesso quite amenably priced, but it boasts a superior longevity when compared to other competitors. The end result is that smokers are able to enjoy their favourite electronic cigarette without having the need to constantly replace expensive coils.

Specifications of the Ceramic cCELL Coil

Every smoker has his or her unique tastes. For example, some prefer Ni200 systems while other stick to suppliers such as Kanthal. Vaporesso is able to cater to both needs and that is the aim of the Vaporesso VTX 75W Kit. Customers will have a choice of a five-piece replacement coil for Ni200 systems (0.2 ohms) or instead a replacement coil specifically intended to be used in tandem with Kanthal heating elements (0.8 ohms). Please note that each is sold separately although tandem orders can be placed.

A Self-Cleaning System

These Vaporesso coils will require little (if any) maintenance. Their self-cleaning nature is the perfect choice for those who are on the go and do not have the time to "dry burn" and subsequently run the unit under cold water until all of the residue has been removed. This is another reason why such systems are quickly proving themselves to be very popular with both novices and experienced electronic cigarette smokers.

No More Spitting

Many electronic cigarette users have complained that their coils do not entirely seal in the liquid. This will result in the fluid "leaking" back into one's mouth. Such a substance is very unpleasant in terms of taste and a slight burning sensation can persist for an extended period of time. The five-piece design of the Vaporesso coil has eliminated these instances thanks to an engineered fit and exacting specifications. Spitting out any excess liquid is now a thing of the past.

75W VTC Mod Kit

The Whole Package

To summarise the main points, this revolutionary replacement coil offers several advantages including:

  • An even heating distribution.
  • A longer lifespan.
  • The ability to deliver even and full-flavoured taste.
  • No liquid leakage into one's mouth.
  • An entirely self-cleaning coil.

Vaporesso VTC 75W

We are very proud to be the first portal to offer such a game-changing coil combined with an excellent vaping device in the Vaporesso VTX 75W Mod Kit. Those who have been looking for a superior vaping system at an entirely agreeable price will not be disappointed with what the Vaporesso coil has to offer. Be sure to take a look at its additional specifications and order yours today!

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