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Sub-Ohm E-Liquid: Introducing Cybercig Ultra Cloud
A Sub-Ohm E-Liquid Introducing... A new sub-ohm e-liquid made with pro vapers in mind. Create clouds that will turn heads using our Ultra Cloud E-Liquid, made using the perfect PG / VG ratio for maximum flavour and big hits. Previously, if you wanted to engage in Sub Ohm, it would first mean buying or acquiring a Box Mod or Mechanical Kit tha..
cCell Coil - Vaporesso Target 75VTC Kit
Cybercig is pleased to announce we are one of the first to offer the Vaporesso Target VTC 75W Kit complete with cCELL Coil! A replacement coil may very well be considered the most important component of any electronic cigarette. While technology has come a long way in recent years, the truth of the matter is that designs are still plagued with p..
Four benefits of sub ohm vaping
Sub ohm vaping means that your tank resistance rating is less than 1 ohm. If you’ve ever walked into a vape shop and everyone around you is blowing bigger clouds, chances are they’re using sub ohm vaping mods. Sub ohm vaping is currently a very popular trend among vapers, but what difference does it make? What do you get from this kind of vaping..
Premium e-liquid: what does it contain?
Although the general consensus is that e-cigarettes are much safer than their traditional counterparts, many people are surprised to learn how few ingredients premium e-liquids contain – as well as the fact that they’re all natural products! What are the main ingredients? There are just four components to a premium e-juice mixture: propene gl..
The rise of gourmet vaping
E-cig batteries and tanks now come in such a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colours, that they are no longer simply functional - instead, they have become a statement of an individual's tastes and values. But as the old saying goes it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and nowhere is this truer in the e-cig world than the rise of the gourmet e-l..
Going up in smoke: vaping is stubbing out the tobacco industry
Not very long ago, tobacco and cigarettes were revered as the height of social pastimes – we've all seen those vintage adverts with the glamorous cigarette women and dapper Don Draper-types. Long before we understood the serious risks smoking posed, cigarettes were even hailed as beneficial to our health! In 1990, the tobacco industry made over ..
Three e-cigarette myths... debunked!
E-cigarettes are a fairly new product - the patent for the design was only filed in 2003, with the first e-cigarette appearing on the market in China later that year. In addition, it is only over the past few years that they have become popular in the United Kingdom. As a result, there are many rumours and myths circulating online about e-cigarette..
Innokin Cool Fire IV
NOW IN STOCK! We have the Innokin Cool Fire 4, which has rave reviews, available to buy right now! Cool Fire VI Safety Features With a Grade A quality battery the Cool Fire IV is extremely safe and reliable. Here are just a few reasons why: Short circuit protection Over loaded protection Over charge and over discharge protection - 3..
Who Invented the Electronic Cigarette?
The inventor of the E-Cigarette is Hon Lik from China. Hon graduated from the Liaoning College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1982 majoring in pharmacy. After that, he joined the Liaoning Academy. After graduation, Hon spent ten years in a state enterprise for plant agriculture, during which he manufactured a ginseng plant known as an aphrod..
What is Sub Ohm Vaping? All the Answers You Need
Sub Ohm is a continuation of the term Modified Products or Mods. The word Mod was first applied to standard battery products that had been modified in various ways to produce an advanced product with better performance. Sub Ohm is used to describe a whole new range of modified E-Liquid tanks. The resistance of a standard E-Liquid tank atomize..
Guide to Vaping Mods UK
Are you new to e-cigs and have no idea what a 'mod' is? Have you been vaping a while and want something with a bit more to offer than your standard Ego/CE4? This is a quick brief guide designed by CyberCig to help you get into the Mod world, If you choose to do so. If you are still new to vaping we don't recommend mechanical mods for your first ..
The Life Of A Vaper Episode 2
This is a follow on from the first in the series, written by Ally Winning Up until the start of this year I was quite a heavy smoker. I had managed to cut down from..a lot, cough 60 a day.. to about 25 a day. My cigarette of choice was Rothmans Royals. For anyone unfamiliar they were one of the strongest, with a very high tar level. Stopping was..
Interview With Gareth Witty / TheVapeDog1666
Our amazingly popular interview with Steve K has spurned us on to reaching out to a number of vaping enthusiasts, with our next interview being with Gareth Witty. Gareth has been a product tester of ours for a little while now, giving unbiased reviews of our products and liquids. Because of this no nonsense approach, he's earnt the respect of many ..
The Life Of A Vaper Series
We welcome Ally to our blog, who is going to be writing a series about the life of a vaper. All opinions are those of the writer. We hope you enjoy! I've been vaping most of this year and, for me, it has become more than a tool to give up smoking, it's become a hobby. It is a pastime where you never need to leave first base, or you can go very d..
Interview With Steve K of Steve K's Vaping World!
Over the last few weeks we've been talking to a large number of prominent vapers who are well respected and extremely active when it comes to testing, reviewing and providing knowledge into what makes a good bit of vaping kit! The first in our installments of interviews takes us across the pond to America, we're we chew the fat with Steve K, the..
We're heading to VapeFest
We're excited, and so should you! We're proud to announce that we'll be heading to the awesome UK VapeFest over in Shrewsbury on Saturday August 2nd and exhibiting. Along with other quality vendors, Cybercig will be showcasing our extensive MOD range as well as giving away some freebies, raffling off prizes and getting involved with the a..
Top 3 Resources For Vaping And Modding
Here at Cybercig, not only do we love providing some of the very best e liquids, refillable electronic cigarettes and vape mods, we're also very keen to help more experienced modders to tap into the vast community that is available online. A quick search for vaping communities brings up a vast wilderness of well structured websites, hobbi..
The Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes
The benefits of using CyberCig E Smoking Products instead of conventional tobacco smoking products are many. Everyone is aware how dangerous, costly and obnoxious smoking conventional tobacco products can be for you, your family, your home, your car, your colleagues and your pocket. In almost every location in the UK conventional tobacco smok..

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