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About Us

At Cybercig we’re about much more than just an electronic cigarette. We strive to offer our customers not only a product that’s an alternative to a traditional cigarette but a whole range of options that will fit their personal needs and style.

In partnership with our manufacturing team we have tirelessly worked on ensuring as many tastes are catered for, Cybercig products offer a variety of flavours, strengths and designs. Available for customers that have never used an electronic cigarette before with the Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit to E-Cigarettes produced specifically with women in mind, to the ease of the Disposable E-Cigarettes.

Gone are the days where an E-Cigarette was an awkward looking object that drew attention for all the wrong reasons, now from Cybercig you can buy an electronic cigarette that’s fashionable, functional and so similar to smoking a real cigarette you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried one sooner.

Inhaling an E-Cigarette is exactly the same as a traditional tobacco product. As you inhale from the filter end you will receive a measured amount of nicotine, a vapour will be released and exhaled as normal. There’s no ash, no smoke and no dangers to those around you, making it completely legal to use inside any building!

These products contain absolutely NO tobacco and NO tar. You will also never again smell of smoke!

Cybercig invests in new products all of the time and our most recent on the market is our Premium E-Liquid range. Using only the best ingredients our product development team have created an unbeatable vaping experience, brought to you in hits of cool flavours ranging from menthol to the fruity experience of tutti-frutti and wild strawberry.

Stocking the latest tanks and batteries from leading manufacturers such as Kanger, Brillipower and Aspire to name just a few, we have a huge selection of E-Cig Mods available for beginners and seasoned vapers alike.

Our brands in further detail:

Cybercig Disposable: As the name signifies this E-Cigarette is a simple device that’s used and then disposed of. It does not have a rechargeable battery and is not refillable.

Cybercig Reuseable: The reusable, refillable option that can be recharged a number of times. The cartridge or atomizer can be changed when empty and replaced with a new one, available from cybercig.co.uk

Shegarette: Our unique brand name that caters for our female customers, with a variety of colours, sizes and strengths available we guarantee there’s something for every woman. A fashionable alternative, this E-Cigarette can match every outfit and one that will be the envy of your friends. This product can be purchased in both disposable and rechargeable options.

Cygar: An alternative to a cigar is now available in an electronic version. This E-Smoking Cigar caters for the discerning cigar smoker and those who may desire stronger E-Cig options.

Cybercig U Fill: This product allows you to experiment and find your perfect strength E-Cig. Ideal for those that may want two different types or who are beginning to cut down their nicotine intake. Extremely easy to use, robust, reliable and rechargeable and comes with an E-Tank that fill yourself with the desired strength in E-Liquid.

Cybercig Rapture E-Liquid: This product goes hand in hand with the Cybercig-U-Fill. Available in a variety of flavours and strengths and the E-Cig E-Liquids come in a convenient 10ml bottle. Our E-liquid has been extensively tested for safety and quality; at Cybercig we only offer our customers the best.

Thank you for your interest in Cybercig Electronic Cigarettes, should you have any queries please feel free to visit the 'contact us' page and get in touch.

More information on our products and E-Cigarettes in general can be found from the main menu including the ‘How To Use’ page.

Your safety is paramount to Cybercig; please take a moment to read all the relevant information before purchasing any products.

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